Rainbow Rocks

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls held their convention in Grand Rapids, MI this year and I was honored to be one of the guest speakers. The girls even hosted a Breakfast at Tiffany’s-theme lunch – complete with a string of pearls for each girl! It truly was an international event – girls […]

USU, Represent!

So, turns out the Great Salt Lake really is pretty great. I recently returned from a trip to Logan, Utah to visit with the USU campus, and it was awesome! Having never been to Salt Lake City before, I was shocked and delighted to discover how huge that lake is. I thought we were flying […]

Romania, here we come!

How to Be a Hepburn will soon be translated in the Romanian language and making its way to their neck of the woods – hooray!

The Lizard

We recently returned from a two-week vacation and, in that time, it appears as though the Animal Kingdom got together and discussed our absence. Apparently it looked as though we were never coming back so they came to the conclusion to simply move in. Well, we did come back. And not two days after we […]

California Girls

I feel like all my stories start with “So my sister and I were at….” Well this one’s going to start the same way, I’m sorry to say. So my sister and I were recently in California – Anaheim to be exact. We were really busy working the whole time but were bound and determined […]

Think I’ll Go to Boston…

I recently returned from a fun trip to one of my favorite cities – my sister came with me, and despite the rain and muck, we made the most of it…and of course found our way to Newbury Street to do some serious shopping. Now, the story that I’m about to recount is not embellished, […]


I recently received the Chinese translation of How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World, and only one word can describe it: surreal. Possibly even more surreal than the actual book itself. Because unlike the American version, I can’t even read a word of this one. It’s in a completely different language! I’m very […]

New Sisters

I’ve been asked to speak at several events for an amazing sorority – Kappa Delta – and this summer, I was privileged enough to speak at their National Conference in Virginia. Well, little did I know that I would walk away from the event with an invitation to become an honorary member! I’ve never been […]

She’s The First

I’ve been incredibly privileged to talk with Tammy Tibbets, the founder and creator of She’s the First – a non-profit organzation that helps girls in developing countries potentially become “the first” in their family to receive an education. How incredible is that?! Besides being an amazing organization (which you absolutely need to check out and […]

Currently Obsessed

with my JSimps luggage! I wanted to cook dinner plus give our daughter a bath in the 20″ upright last night but Drew put the kabosh on that. Jess has a friends + family sale going on right now through April 12 (We’re family, right? I surely qualify for the role of crazy aunt) so […]