I hear so many stories about girls making a difference in the world, living the Hepburn lifestyle, and changing their own lives for the better…they are great stories and I wish you could hear them! So I decided to start opening up this blog to YOU, the readers. Email me with your personal Hepburn projects, […]

Let’s Hear It For The Boys

People are always asking me if I’m going to write a how-to-be-classy book for guys. The answer is probably not. Mostly because I’m not a guy. I’m constantly asking my husband, “why do guys do that?” or “what does it mean when boys say this?” or “how do you manage to make such a big […]

Vote for Confidence!

I’m privileged to be part of the Confidence Coalition – an organization that works to implement programs and initiatives that instill confidence in every young girl – what’s not to love about that?? Well, one of their programs, the Confidence Summit for Girls, is currently in the runnings for a $250k grant from Pepsi Refresh! […]