Beat the Heat in Style

Alright, it’s officially disgusting outside. It’s that walk-out-the-door-and-start-sweating-profusely kind of hot. And I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to look good in anything when it’s this warm. Jeans stick. Tank tops stick. Skirts even stick in this weather. Gross! So, I did some hunting to find the best possible wardrobe pieces […]

Time to Accessorize!

I was going to write “Time to Exercise!” but let’s be honest, accessorizing is way more fun. Here are some of my favorite new baubles for 2013…   KINGS + PRIESTS   I’m really enamored with this line of jewelry because the owner tells the inspiration and meaning behind specific pieces and materials – she has a lot of […]

Keeping Up With The…

Jonases! I am seriously loving sweet little Dani Jonas right now. She has such a cute, classy style. Whether it’s a red carpet ensemble or shorts and a t-shirt, she always looks great. Way to keep it classy, Dani.

Testify, Nancy!

Nancy is leading a confident, stylish, Hepburn lifestyle. Go, Nancy! I’m 41 now, but as a child and teenager, jeans and sweat pants were for me! My mother always made me dress up to go out to eat or to the mall in the 70s and early 80s; it was the thing to do. When […]

Things That Are Neat

Nothing like a little retail therapy to cure the winter blues! I’m obsessed with lamp lighting and, by extension, lamp shades. This one is sweet and springy. My mom spotted this dress and I think it’s adorable, too. Even if you can’t wind a film, this photo album is lots of fun. 

Think I’ll Go to Boston…

I recently returned from a fun trip to one of my favorite cities – my sister came with me, and despite the rain and muck, we made the most of it…and of course found our way to Newbury Street to do some serious shopping. Now, the story that I’m about to recount is not embellished, […]

Spring has Sprung…

at J.Crew. I went into the store last week to buy one measly pair of shorts and came out with a wish list approximately nine miles long. The tanks! The tees! The dresses! I’m sorry but it is possibly the greatest store of all time, in my humble opinion. In no particular order, here are the items […]