Time to Accessorize!

I was going to write “Time to Exercise!” but let’s be honest, accessorizing is way more fun. Here are some of my favorite new baubles for 2013…   KINGS + PRIESTS   I’m really enamored with this line of jewelry because the owner tells the inspiration and meaning behind specific pieces and materials – she has a lot of […]

Keeping Up With The…

Jonases! I am seriously loving sweet little Dani Jonas right now. She has such a cute, classy style. Whether it’s a red carpet ensemble or shorts and a t-shirt, she always looks great. Way to keep it classy, Dani.

Why I Love Celine Dion

1. She talks to her babies in French 2. She’s blingin and doesn’t care who knows it 3. Is there anyone else who looks this good three months after giving birth to twins? Here’s hoping I have an excuse to come see you in Vegas soon, Celine.

An Amazing Story

A few weeks ago I met with a fellow Belmontian (is that what we’re called?) for coffee to discuss all things writing and English. I was absolutely shocked to discover that the stunningly beautiful, bubbly freshman sitting before me had endured a freak and horrifying incident a few years back that had practically stripped her […]