Rainbow Rocks

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls held their convention in Grand Rapids, MI this year and I was honored to be one of the guest speakers. The girls even hosted a Breakfast at Tiffany’s-theme lunch – complete with a string of pearls for each girl! It truly was an international event – girls […]

Keeping Up With The…

Jonases! I am seriously loving sweet little Dani Jonas right now. She has such a cute, classy style. Whether it’s a red carpet ensemble or shorts and a t-shirt, she always looks great. Way to keep it classy, Dani.

Testify, Nancy!

Nancy is leading a confident, stylish, Hepburn lifestyle. Go, Nancy! I’m 41 now, but as a child and teenager, jeans and sweat pants were for me! My mother always made me dress up to go out to eat or to the mall in the 70s and early 80s; it was the thing to do. When […]

Testify, Tiffany!

Tiffany was inspired to make Valentine’s Day “Love in My Life Awareness Day” – what a great idea! Love and hugs to you, Tiffany! For my “Hepburn moment” I changed my outlook on Valentine’s Day.  Instead of viewing it as Single’s Awareness Day, I decided to look at it as “Love in My Life Awareness Day.”  […]

Can Technology Be Cute?

I didn’t think so…until now. These iphone cases actually make me want to use my phone. Which is really saying something because I pretty much hate my phone. But the always-classy Kate Spade has found a way to make technology attractive! So, from all of us who detest our personal handheld devices, thank you.

Testify, Jaide!

Jaide from Australia was inspired to start her own blog and other great projects to promote self-esteem and confidence. Keep up the great work, Jaide! My name is Jaide, I’m 18, from Australia and am currently running a blog through the social network of tumblr. I was motivated to create my blog after being disturbed […]

Work It

Calling all professionals! Here are some super cute business cards I found on minted. A lot of people are simply putting their name + email on business cards these days, but ultimately it’s up to you what you want to include on each card. Promoting yourself never looked so good!

Testify, Kelly!

Kelly wrote in about what it means to be a Hepburn in high school – which, let’s be honest, is not easy! Go Kelly! My name is Kelly. I am currently a high school senior in Massachusetts. I read your book, How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World, while I was a sophomore. […]

USU, Represent!

So, turns out the Great Salt Lake really is pretty great. I recently returned from a trip to Logan, Utah to visit with the USU campus, and it was awesome! Having never been to Salt Lake City before, I was shocked and delighted to discover how huge that lake is. I thought we were flying […]

Nothing’s Holding Me Back

As you know I’m always inspired by music and this song’s been speakin to me lately… 🙂 I got a vision for the life that’s right in front of me I got a right, I got a reason, got a destiny I know exactly where I’m headed and I’m never lookin back No, nothing’s holding […]