Beat the Heat in Style

Alright, it’s officially disgusting outside. It’s that walk-out-the-door-and-start-sweating-profusely kind of hot. And I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to look good in anything when it’s this warm. Jeans stick. Tank tops stick. Skirts even stick in this weather. Gross! So, I did some hunting to find the best possible wardrobe pieces for sweltering heat. Here are the coooolest things I found…

I personally find maxi dresses to be like heat tunnels–they just filter all that hot air straight up at your body. So, here’s my favorite alternative–an easy, breezy, shorter version that’s super versatile. This one, from Anthropologie, comes in several different colors.

Beat the Heat in Style

I should have added jewelry to that list of things that stick, too. Yes, when it’s hot, even necklaces stick. So I say, keep everything heavy and sweat-worthy off your face and neck–go for cute, dangly earrings to add some spice to your ensemble, while keeping things cool around your head. I almost bought up Forever 21‘s entire accessory section the other day, but to spare you some endless scrolling, I’ll just narrow it down to one: heart-shaped hoops. So cute, and they’re only $2.80.

Beat the Heat in Style - 2

I know lots of ladies are sporting the crop top right now, but my abs are not ready for the world, nor is the world ready for my abs. As a longer, more wearable alternative, C&C California has tons of adorable tie-front shirts available. My Hawaiian-loving self is loving this palm tree print, available at Revolve.

Beat the Heat in Style - 3


And if none of these ideas work, you can always just chase down the ice cream truck and sit on your porch slurping lemonade and noshing on ice cream treats for the duration of the summer. That’s probably what I’ll be doing 🙂