Time to Accessorize!

I was going to write “Time to Exercise!” but let’s be honest, accessorizing is way more fun. Here are some of my favorite new baubles for 2013…




I’m really enamored with this line of jewelry because the owner tells the inspiration and meaning behind specific pieces and materials – she has a lot of insight and wisdom to offer. Check it out for yourself and order a piece or two @ http://houseofkingsandpriests.com.


Zoe & Morgan


Zoe & Morgan pieces are pretty rock and roll, which I love. But their little word rings are super cute, too. They have cool guy’s stuff as well, which is hard to come by! Check it out… http://zoeandmorgan.com.



Good ole, Etsy. You have everything I could ever need or want! And I’ve been into anchors lately. Found these little gems on All Beadazzled’s shop. So cute! Get yourself some…