Testify, Nancy!

Nancy is leading a confident, stylish, Hepburn lifestyle. Go, Nancy!

I’m 41 now, but as a child and teenager, jeans and sweat pants were for me! My mother always made me dress up to go out to eat or to the mall in the 70s and early 80s; it was the thing to do. When I went to college, I still wore jeans every chance I got. However, I started as a music major and we were expected to dress up for the concerts we attended. I was glad my mother instilled looking nice in me whether I wanted it or not. I changed my major and have been a pre-k teacher for 15 years. So many times people comment on me dressing nice (everything is washable) and now I am aspiring to be an administrator. Of course I’m not saying it’s all about the clothes. It’s also the attitude of having respect for yourself and others. I listen to my elders and try to learn. When I read your book, it was already a life style I was trying to lead. With so many “Hiltons” around, I was happy to read something encouraging women to be more like Hepburn. It made me more confident in the choices I have made for myself to be more refined and be the lady my mother taught me to be.

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