USU, Represent!

So, turns out the Great Salt Lake really is pretty great.

I recently returned from a trip to Logan, Utah to visit with the USU campus, and it was awesome! Having never been to Salt Lake City before, I was shocked and delighted to discover how huge that lake is. I thought we were flying straight into the ocean upon landing. But we weren’t. It was The Lake.

But the best part, by far, was the visit to USU – what an awesome campus and community. I don’t always get to post pics from trips but I snagged a couple this time so I thought I’d share. Thanks again, USU + KD!

* my very own welcoming committee!

USU, Represent!

* some lovely and gracious tour guides – Heidi, Sloan, and Marie showed me the sights of downtown Salt Lake and took me to lunch at an awesome restaurant overlooking the temple.

USU, Represent! - 2

* KD represent!

USU, Represent! - 3