We Bought a Zoo

The other day, I was casually telling a friend that I feel like I’m running a zoo. She laughed and said, “Oh, did you see the movie?” Clueless about any/all current entertainment selections, I said, “No? What movie?” Well, apparently there’s a movie out about buying a zoo, or moving into a zoo, or running a zoo, or some derivative thereof. But I’m here to tell you this is no movie my friends, this is my life. 

My daughter loves animals and has been asking for a dog and a cat for the past year. More specifically, a brown dog and a grey cat. Well, we managed to scrounge up a chocolate lab for her birthday and Santa saw fit to deliver a nice, albeit somewhat mangey, grey cat for Christmas. 

The funny thing about buying pets for kids is that, for some reason, you end up doing all the work. So while the dog and cat are technically our daughter’s, my husband and I have found ourselves up at all hours of the night cleaning up poo, litter, shredded bits of clothing, ruined toys, etc. We are up at the crack of dawn, turning the herd lose to defecate all over our yard, and returning home early from important events to make sure they repeat the process  yet again. My clothes are ruined, our garage is a disaster, and I have more claw marks on my arms than I can count. The dog alone drug up several unsavory items last week including a frog, a high heel shoe, and the remains of a dead deer carcass. The cat has taken up residence in our DVD cabinet and likes to pounce out with all claws bared when someone opens the door. Meanwhile, our children laugh and smile and snuggle with said animals and look confused when I holler things like, “He is the worst dog ever!” or “I want to kill that cat!”

No matter – for better or for worse, the pets are here to stay. So, welcome to the family, Moose and Bob Dylan.