Let’s Hear It For The Boys

People are always asking me if I’m going to write a how-to-be-classy book for guys. The answer is probably not. Mostly because I’m not a guy. I’m constantly asking my husband, “why do guys do that?” or “what does it mean when boys say this?” or “how do you manage to make such a big mess in such a small amount of time?” Boys are still somewhat of a mystery to me, and therefore, I don’t really feel qualified to preach to them about behaving well. That being said, I am all for anybody who does!

Well, Drew recently found a blog that he loves called The Art of Manliness, and I have to say, I think it’s great. It’s smart, fun, practical, and offers timeless wisdom and advice on, well, the art of manliness. They even have books and stuff available, so you might find a good Christmas gift or two for the men in your life. Check it out, or better yet, tell your boy about it.

So, in honor of Movember, this one goes out to all the guys. Keep it classy!