California Girls

I feel like all my stories start with “So my sister and I were at….” Well this one’s going to start the same way, I’m sorry to say.

So my sister and I were recently in California – Anaheim to be exact. We were really busy working the whole time but were bound and determined to get out and make a night of it on my birthday. My sweet sister made advance reservations at Beso in LA (Eva Longoria’s restaurant) and so we planned our evening accordingly so we could make it up to LA on time for our 9:00pm reservation. 

6:00  Feeling pretty good. Just finished my big evening event and all we have left to do is man the book table, pack up our stuff, get dressed, drive to LA. No problem.

7:00  How long should we wait before we start packing up? What’s the latest we can stay without being late? Did you mapquest the time to LA? 

8:00  Okay we have to start packing up the table. 

8:40  This is taking longer than we thought. 

8:47  Can you call the restaurant and ask if we can make the reservation any later?!

8:49  Yes! They can move our reservation to 10:00!

9:30  Sweet. Finally dressed, finally ready. We can make it up to LA in 30 minutes, right?

9:59  Darn you hotel elevators!!! Can you call the restaurant again???

10:01 Yes! They are open until 11:00 and we can come in anytime before then! We’re good.

10:20  See, I told you this LA traffic wouldn’t be a problem. We’ll totally make it there by 11.

10:40  Shoot, I can’t see anything but brake lights up ahead. 

10:47  Now we’re completely stopped on the interstate.

10:49  Can you see the exit?? How far away are we?!

10:52  What?!? We still have 7 miles to go!?

10:53  Okay now traffic’s moving again. We can totally make it.

10:54  Dang it. We’re stopped again.

10:57  Okay let’s call the restaurant again. 

10:58  What? They don’t think we’re going to make it?! I can hear the hosts and busboys standing around cackling about the two girls from Nashville stuck on the interstate.

11:01  I can’t believe we didn’t make it.

11:07  We haven’t moved an inch in 15 minutes.

11:24  There it is. Beso. Closed. Look at all the happy, full customers outside. 

11:27  Where’s the nearest In ‘N Out Burger? 4 miles from here? We can find it without a map, right?

11:48  I think we’re lost.

12:33  I’m really hungry. 

12:48  There are 9 majillion In ‘N Out Burgers in LA, why can’t we find just one of them!?!

1:10  Finally! Two combo meals please! Could you also give us directions back to Anaheim? 


Suffice to say our big birthday bash at Beso turned out to be an ill-conceived midnight run to In ‘N Out burger. But we’ll make it next time, Eva, don’t worry. We ended up dragging ourselves back to our hotel in Anaheim around 3am. And as far as California girls go, I’ll tell you what Katy Perry – our skin didn’t melt nobody’s popscicle, but we definitely needed a cucumber mask after that ordeal.