Valentine’s Day continued

Still scratching your head for good Valentine’s Day gift ideas? My husband personally doesn’t get into the brushed-nickel cuff links or Cupid ties, so typical Valentine’s gifts get me nowhere. Well, rest assured because I’ve got two words for you: travel mug.

A travel mug, you say? Jordan, how is this an appropriate Valentine’s gift? Let me count the ways, my friends.

First, start with a blank photo tumbler – available at Target, etc. or take a cue from this Starbucks model.

Next, determine the theme. Does your friend have an affinity for the Steelers? Is your boyfriend obsessed with Will Ferrell? Who is your sister’s favorite character from Saved By the Bell? Does your husband secretly love the Jonas Brothers? Pick a theme (the more ridiculous the better: my roommates once made a Robert Goulet mug) and run with it. Print off tons of pictures that show your love and get ready to glue.

Lastly, put it all together. Do some pre-measuring and make sure all your pics will fit nicely into the mug. Then, stick them together (try to get the bubbles out first) and fill your finished tumbler with some sweet Hershey’s kisses. Wrap it up with a big red bow, and wa-lah! You have an afordable, adorable, personalized Valentine’s gift for your sweetie.

Warning: your mug will not fare well in the dishwasher. In fact, things will get ugly, so I wouldn’t even try it.