Sweet Home Alabama

I just got home from a great week in northern Alabama. First, I had a great time with the girls at Austin High School – holla! You are some of the most vivacious and adorable girls I’ve ever talked with!

Next, I was whisked away by horse and carriage to a magical, enchanted, fairyland of oompa loompas. Actually, I was chauffered in a Chevy Tahoe to the 3M Film & Manufacturing plant, but who’s counting? I got a close-up tour complete with safety goggles, clogs, and a smock (to which my husband tactfully replied, “Did you feel like an idiot?”). Then, that night, I had a great Q&A session with some 3M-ers and their daughters. One of the perks of speaking at 3M? Free band-aids and duct tape!!!

The next day, I not only had a great time meeting the lovely ladies of East Lawrence High School, but got an amazing brunch and beautiful bouquet of flowers out of the deal! Dear East Lawrence, you are the sweetest bunch of people I’ve ever met. And they even made a “How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World” bulletin board! That should win some type of award.

So to sum up, I heart Alabama. Can’t wait to see y’all again real soon!