The People’s Choice is…

Shall we discuss the various People’s Choice Awards red carpet looks? Yes? Alright, let’s. It’s going to be a very short blog.

Was it just me or was the couture world a little bleak for the Choice awards this year? Megan Park looked cute, as did Ginnifer Goodwin. But, in my opinion, Best Dressed Award goes to Ms. Taraji P. Henson. Classic, sleek, beautiful. TP, that dress gets the Hepburn seal of approval. Bravo, foxy lady!

The other look worth mentioning is Carrie Underwood, who put a daring and fun fashion foot forward with this little number. Is it…black netting? Cheesecloth? Chicken wire? Who knows and who cares! She looks amazing, as always. As my mother would say, she could wear a gunney sack and still look like a knockout. I say: Carrie, Play On!

Bring on the awards season!