Countdown to…

VALENTINES DAY! Oh Good Lord, how I love this holiday. It’s just so happy! Besides the fact that it’s a day completely devoted to chocolate, flowers, cards, and love, I have to assert that out of all the holiday color combos, Valentines is one of the best (Halloween, black and orange, are you kidding me?).

My husband can tell you that I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to the big V-Day. I bake elaborate desserts in the shape of hearts, buy kiddie valentines, and use excessive amounts of red and pink sprinkles. I can’t help myself.

So, with only 32 days to go, here is a fun do-it-yourself gift idea from our friend Martha Stewart to give to a special someone.

Simply buy some seeds and seperate them into cute packets. Stamp their name on the front, and maybe a cute I-Love-You message on the back (or if you want to get truly corny, add a line like “We’re two peas in a pod” or “Orange you going to be mine?”). Stuff one or several into mini plant pots and voila!

Stay tuned for more ridiculous Valentines-themed posts.