Resolution: Healthy

I don’t know about you, but I packed on the poundage over the holidays and am excited to get back to my usual food regimen (which is no-white-flour, no-white-sugar, if you’re wondering). If you’re not quite up for that, or simply want to kick-start your own diet plan, here are a couple great new books to inspire you in the New Year!

1) Clean Food

This informative and resourceful guide is great for any healty-eating beginner. It has lots of tasty recipes and is even broken down by seasonal eating. Mario Batali thinks it’s great, so it MUST be good 🙂

2) The Kind Diet

Our favorite Clueless girl has her own diet book. Whatever! I’ll be honest, I love Alicia, an even though I’m not into the whole vegan-thing, I can appreciate when someone else has the discipline to do it. Plus she’s just pretty.

3) The Maker’s Diet

This New-York-Times-bestselling diet was invented by a guy that was chronically sick his entire life. Now he’s not! It very closely resembles how I eat on a daily basis, and I feel pretty great most of the time, so if you can handle no pork, no shellfish, and no processed foods, I recommend giving it a try.

4) Living Raw Food

You can chalk this one up under the “intense” category (eating completely raw is no easy task folks!), but Sarma’s just so cute and her blog is downright funny.

5) Babycakes NYC

Mmm mmm mmm I love me some Babycakes. Ok I know this is technically just a dessert cookbook, but I could personally make a daily diet out of desserts, so for those of you that love your sweets, but not the acky things in them, this is a must read.

Here’s to a healthy, happy 2010!