Resolution: Workout

Alright, this one’s for all of you New Year’s Exercise Resolution peeps (which includes myself, I should add). After four weeks of eating cake balls and garlic bread I personally feel as though my body is composed of 20% water and 80% dough, so whether you’ve got 70 lbs. of Christmas turkey to shed, or simply want to tone some muscles, I’ve got some great fitness options right here.

1) Dance with Julianne

I LOVE dance cardio, so was thrilled to hear that sweet Julianne was putting out a DVD. If you want a butt-kicking workout, or just want to watch Jules jump around in a cute little outfit, this one’s a must-have. It’s available at just about any retail store, plus on Amazon.

2) Tracy Anderson Treadmill Workout

Everyone knows I’m a loyal Tracy Anderson devotee, so I’m happy to recommend her treadmill workout for those of you who may have received a large metal running apparatus for Christmas. It’s a killer workout, but it’s only available for download on your iPod. Get it here online at her site.

3) Hot Yoga

I was actually inspired by one of my adorable and fit readers, Aimee, to try Hot Yoga. I’ve always done Pilates, but had heard that Hot Yoga really takes things to the next level. Well, that was an understatement my friends! But I’m happy to report that I’m hooked and would highly recommend giving it a try yourself. Simply do a Google search in your area to find classes and get ready to sweat!