Top 5 Sites for Online Shopping

It’s that time of year, folks! Time to hit the stores. However, I know that lots of you aren’t too keen on the crowds of sweaty shoppers, poorly orchestrated parking, and long, long lines (I can’t imagine why you’re not into that). So if you’d like to save some time (and if time really is money, then I guess you’re saving money too), here are my Top 5 favorite sites for online shopping/gift-giving this holiday season.

1. – this unique little site has daily sales on everything from home furnishings and luggage tags to planners and kiddie stuff – you just have to enter your email address to join.

2. – LOVE this site. You can make custom “Blurb books” a.k.a. photo books, cookbooks, wedding albums, baby books, etc. They look so fabulous, there’s virtually no way you can screw it up.

3. – enough said.

4. – this site is home to all things homemade, vintage, crafty, etc. Sounds like it would just be full of macaroni jewelry, but they’ve actually got amazing things – buy or sell.

5. – yummmm. You can order everything from caviar to whoopie pies from this famed fine food store. Who wouldn’t want a meat ‘n cheese tray delivered to their front door???

Happy shopping!