Nashville Media Day

Calling all Nashville residents: kindly make your way down to the Green Hills Davis Kidd for a signing/release party tomorrow night. Here are the details…can’t wait to see you there!

Davis Kidd – Green Hills Mall
Thursday, August 27 @ 7:00pm

And if you happen to be near a TV tomorrow morning (or are playing hooky from work and loafing around on the couch at home), tune in to Tennessee Mornings on Fox around 8:15am CST. I’ll be chatting it up with the morning show crew about How to Be a Hepburn.

Aaaaaand if you miss that one, tune in to Talk of the Town on CBS around 11:00am CST to hear me talk some more. Fingers crossed, I’ll be wearing a different outfit, and forming coherent sentences. We’ll see. Ta ta for now!