Hot Hepburn Hint #9

I know, I know, it’s starting to get steamy outside and all you want to do is ditch your quarter-length sleeves to stay cool. But just because we’re feeling hot, hot, hot doesn’t mean we have to shed our classiness along with our winter layers. So, in the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, this week’s Hot Hepburn hint is…


Step away from the half-inch-inseam-Daisy-Dukes and keep it classy with a Bermuda-length. This is my new pair for the season from Guess…too bad those aren’t my legs, too.

Sport your summer tank, but keep it classy with a scarf. Madewell has a plethora of styles, colors and materials.

Skip heavy, sticky, goopy liner and foundation, and keep it classy with a lovely lightweight moisturizer like Murad’s Essential-C Day Moisturizer with SPF 15.

Sorry, I can’t do anything about the broken A/C in your office, but these cute, classy, sweat-free hints should help.