A Few Good Men

Wasn’t it Shania Twain that once said, “Any man of mine better walk the line” ? I always liked her. Well, ladies, I have proof that good guys do still exist. Allow me to expound…

I’ve had a few really difficult days at work this week and have been secretly hoping for a little me-time. Then, my sweet husband told me that he had a surprise waiting for me at home. I was moderately excited and figured that he maybe took out the trash, or better yet, changed the dreaded diaper genie (for those of you without bambinos, it’s essentially a giant sock stuffed with fermented sewage). But to my surprise, I came home to a spotless bathroom filled with candles, a bubble bath, sparkling grape juice, and homemade chocolate-covered strawberries. That’s right, you heard me, he made the chocolate sauce for the berries and hand-dipped them. He then proceeded to feed, change, and put our baby to bed while I bubbled my troubles away.

So, you may ask, just where do you find a guy like this? Well, I found mine in the college cafeteria, but I’m pretty sure they also exist in places outside of the Gabhart Student Center. The key is to look for a nice guy. Period. Most jerks don’t end up being nice guys, they stay jerks. But great guys usually start out nice and end up being nice. I got lucky enough to find one of those. So, if you’re holding out for that idiot that blew you off once already, or failed to call when he said he would, ditch him. Your chocolate-making, baby-changing guy could be just around the corner!