Hot Hepburn Hint #3

I was forced to take some of my own advice this week. Work has been insanely difficult and hectic lately, book promo efforts are kicking into high-gear, a bunch of freelance writing assignments are due, college graduation preparations are getting underway, and my baby is getting teeth! This all added up to me needing a small escape. And where else can you find a healing oasis in the midst of the daily grind? Drumroll please. It’s a little place I like to call…the day spa. So if you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed as well, take this Hot Hepburn Hint literally:


Get a massage. Get a pedicure. Get a mud/Swedish/salt/oil/sugar/rock/seaweed scrub. If you’re not into the whole pampering-schmampering scene, try going for a walk. Take a hike. Swim some laps. Or, if you’re like me and think that “relaxing” exercise is an oxy moron, try baking some cookies. Order take-out. Try a new recipe. Whatever form of me-time activity you decide to indulge in, make it count!