Just Blurb It

It seems that I always have something in the queue, and that thing is currently a new Blurb book. I’m in love with Blurb.com (check it out, you won’t be dissapointed) and am really excited to start making a photo book of my baby girl. These personal, affordable, bookstore-quality gems are genius – you can make wedding books, vacation books, recipe books, fiction books – it’s like crack cocaine for readers. Overall, they’re really quite simple to assemble, although, it helps if you’re Annie Leibovitz and have some quality content to work with in the first place. However, even if you’re lacking in the creativity department, you can still craft a special, unique, coffee-table-conversation-piece (or shoved-under-the-couch-piece, depending on how bad it looks) that you and others will enjoy for years to come. That’s the beauty of a Blurb book – if it turns out looking rotten, you have no one to blame but yourself! They really are so much fun – fun to make and fun to share. Just blurb it.