Hot Hepburn Hint #2

Today’s Hot Hepburn Hint was inspired by some new friends that were kind enough to invite us over to their home this week – they are pretty much the most amazing family ever – they have 8 kids (that’s right, no typo, EIGHT KIDS), their Dad is a rockstar, their Mom is like the funniest lady alive, and they are, somehow, completely sane. After 8 kids, it appears as though they’ve mastered the art of parenting (while we, with only 1 child and a stack of dishes scraping the ceiling, have clearly not). They were so kind and had great words of wisdom for us two youngins just dipping our toes into the waters of parenthood. Their stories, advice and kind words were just incredibly encouraging. So, without further ado, this week’s Hepburn Hint is to…


Many times we get caught up in our own little circle of friends that, let’s be honest, don’t know much more about life than we do. As for me, I’m only 24, and that officially qualifies me to be an expert on nothing. I’m serious, I’ve lived long enough to know that I haven’t lived long enough to know much. Consequently, one of my favorite things to do is hang around people that know more than I do. People with more life experience. People with wisdom. People with insight. People that can hand out encouragement and advice because they’ve been there. And just where can you find these people? Be on the lookout for some of the following…

1) An older colleague at work – go tenure!
2) A guidance counselor or mentor
3) A spiritual advisor – pastor, rabbi, etc.

I’m convinced that our generation is lacking in teachable-ness. We think we know it all, and that’s where we get into trouble. So be on the lookout for someone with smarts.

I’m handing out pure gold here people!