Special Delivery

Hi friends. I received my final proof pages for “How to Be a Hepburn” via UPS today, which is exciting because it means the book is in the final stages of becoming, well, a book I guess. My husband is currently disgruntled with UPS and FedEx delivery people, saying they don’t “hang around and wait” for you to saunter to the door in your jammies like they used to. Now, it seems they slow down just long enough to hang their head out the window and throw the package at your house, in hopes that the thud will be loud enough to wake you from your slumber and lure you to the front door. But, with all the horrors in the world today, I’d probably try to avoid possible confrontations with strangers in their bunny slippers, too, and simply kick those fragile boxes out of the truck and just keep driving.

In other news, I will be posting a weekly “How to Be a Hepburn” tip, so stay tuned for that. But, for now, I’m off to put the finishing touches on this book, then mail it back to the fine folks at Hachette via special delivery : )